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The Faye McBeath Foundation is a private, independent foundation providing grants to tax-exempt nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organizations in the metropolitan Milwaukee area. The major areas of interest are:

  • children
  • aging and elders
  • health
  • health education
  • civic and governmental affairs

These areas were established by Faye McBeath and do not change. However, specific grantmaking interests within each of these major categories change periodically. The Faye McBeath Foundation was established in 1964, shortly before the death of Faye McBeath in 1967 and we have been providing organizations with support for nearly 50 years.

Due to the 2014 sunset, the Foundation will not accept unsolicited letters of intent after April 30, 2013.
Foundation Staff will initiate contact in circumstances where a letter or concept paper is to be requested.

2013 Annual report

2010 Annual report